Monday, November 29

six weeks

this has been the longest six weeks of my life. i feel as though i've aged, and now 27 doesn't sound so young anymore. i miss you, sweet girl. i wish i was saying "i love you" to your soft face and not a photograph.

it's monday. we just got home last night from denton, and every room in my house is now messy. if i lived in a town, i'd hire a maid for the rest of the year. what should i do today, i wonder? my house needs cleaning, gwenny's room needs to be reorganized, work is waiting, our accounts need balancing, food needs to be planned and cooked, decisions still hang over me about headstones and insurance, and christmas gifts are waiting to be considered and shopped for. oh, the options!

all of these normal things used to excite me 6 weeks ago. (okay, "excite" is too strong of a word.) But the motivations behind each task was wonderful - "baby is coming, so the room needs to be ready! meals should be frozen, so i can warm up something when i'm too tired to cook. i should deep clean now so i don't have to think about scrubbing the toilet when i'm holding my newborn." all of my motivations centered around my new role as a stay at home mom and manager of our home, and that gave me joy while i was cleaning/budgeting/folding laundry, etc.

and now, what does it matter? i fold laundry so we don't go naked. i cook and clean and shower because my husband needs food and a clean house and a wife that's not disgusting herself. and so life goes on.

and that is just my house. what of my relationships? my work? my ministry? the women i'm privileged to know and disciple? all of these things are too weighty for me. I want to hide under the covers and sleep my life away, waking up to a better day filled with a baby's cries and children's laughter, when mundane things like vacuuming take on a glorified purpose.

i'm struggling with Your goodness to me today, God. and I honestly don't want to step out and try and trust that even today, You will be good, and that even today, i can find joy in serving You and doing laundry for Your glory. Lift me up, strong Son of God, and enable me to bless You.


  1. Sweet Erin, my heart is broken for you in a way that only another mommy can feel. Your honesty is so relatable for me. Always remember that God IS. He IS good. He was, is , and always will be. Jesus is the same Jesus that He was 6 weeks ago. I'll be lifting you up in prayer today.

  2. I just ache for you and am sorry for your pain. You are in my prayers. Sigh...There is no magic cure for pain like this...

  3. Erin, I haven't commented on anything until now, but I want you to know that I've read every single precious word you've posted on this blog (I'm sure there are a lot of us), and it enables me to know how to pray for you, Sister. I don't know what else to say, except that I am praying. And will continue to.


  4. I pray that God reveals Himself to you in a special way and answers you prayers :-)


  5. Dear Erin,
    I continue to cry with you and your family, and I'll keep praying. Kathy G.