Hope Mommies

After Gwendolyn went to Jesus, my husband and I were looking for a solid Christian support group that was Biblically founded, relevant, and genuinely helped women and families. Sadly, we didn't find anything that met those qualifications. So we were led to start Hope Mommies, a 501(c)3 non-profit with a mission to "Share the hope of Christ with women and families experiencing infant loss."

I wrote a post one year after Gwendolyn was born about how I have seen Christ in 1,000 faces. Being loved on by a community of family, friends and even strangers through the most indescribable pain and suffering I had ever gone through... I saw Christ in 1,000 faces.

That is what I what I want Hope Mommies to be for women who have lost their babies. I want them to have a thousand people - even strangers - loving them.

Join us in bringing Hope. Go to www.hopemommies.org to learn more.