Thursday, November 11

even the stars sometimes fade to gray, even the stars hide away

i woke up this morning, really wishing that reality wouldn't set in. i just don't want this. i miss gwen today, and miss feeling her inside me... i was always amazed by how strong she was, and how she could reach all the way around to jab me in the kidneys or lung... my sweet baby just needed more room, i think.

i've been thinking about NOT thinking about the emergency procedures. It is so difficult for me to remember when things started to go wrong... when Dr. C told me that my baby might not be alive... i never, never, never ever want to hear anyone tell me the things they told me and did to me in the emergency room. So at this point, i keep shoving those memories into the dark corners of my brain, and would like them to stay there. (it's not as if i could really forget, but i don't want to call them to mind.)

But am i supposed to remember? Do i need to? is there some sort of healing to be found by remembering those things? Do i need to be intimately acquainted with every square inch of the cross i now bear, or can i carry they weight without knowing?

i want to hide away today.


  1. Little Gwenny's star is always there....even when they all seem so dim. ((hugs))

  2. I think we always want answers for the things that didn't go as planned in our lives. That is human nature. But God doesn't always provide us with those answers while we are here on earth. And I can't help but think that I WILL question God about all those things when I meet Him someday. Is that wrong of me? Maybe... good thing He loves me enough to forgive my anger and frustrations.

    I think part of remembering Gwen is remembering what happened. At this time there is no way of separation it. But with time you WILL remember her as she was.. your baby girl... nothing less and everything more.

    Sending love and prayers