Sunday, May 22


I work for a christian camp, Camp Eagle, who's mission is to "Inspire Christlike change through outdoor adventure, authentic relationships, and Biblical truth." This really is the motivating factor in all that we do, and in the counselors that we hire. We want counselors who love God, love kids, and love adventure. The activities, group initiatives, and experiences that we plan and facilitate are sprung from this mission statement.

Friday, May 20

a snapshot

so i'm taking five minutes to update you on the last five days of staff training:

1. We have 16 staff - 7 girls, 9 boys. that is SOOOOOO many! at least, it seems like it is. But that barely covers the quantity of campers that will be here each week of summer. I like them all. They're quirky, talkative, quick to do things and with a good attitude. (ps. i originally posted "7 girls, 8 boys" and then realized that my math is wrong and i forgot a boy. we have nine...whoops!)

Monday, May 9

the outer fringe

This is an excerpt from a letter I wrote to Hope Moms today, and wanted to share with all of you who had prayed for my Mother's Day:

Earlier last week I had asked the Lord for something unique for Mother's Day, something only He could give. Yesterday morning I was praying for a God-perspective, because mine looked bleak and discouraging, and I was definitely on the fast track to an embittered Mother's Day. 

Saturday, May 7

letter #4

Hi sweetheart.

Do you know that there's not a holiday about children? At least, I don't think that there is. Tomorrow is Mother's Day. But what does tomorrow mean for me without you? It means sympathy hugs, instead of laughter and shared anecdotes. It means awkward looks instead of smiles. It means a quiet house, instead of breakfast in bed with a six and a half month old baby. It means lots of tears, and not all of them worth crying.

Friday, May 6


The feeling of "being out of it" is something I can't seem to shake. 

Even though I have recognized that I have a "new normal" - well, it's not normal yet. I keep waking up, assuming that today I'll feel put together. Today I'll be able to handle camp, Hope Mommies, dishes, and laundry. Today I'll be able to actually listen and emotionally invest in my husband, my friends, family, and LP's. Today I'll feel like all the bases are covered, my house is delightfully clean, my relationships are just where they should be, and I'm at peace and enjoying life.