Sunday, June 30

household values

It's a quiet Sunday morning over here at the Cushman house. Blair is down at camp, preparing for his Sunday morning message (that he'll share by the time I've finished writing this blog), Malacai is taking his mid-morning snooze, and I'm enjoying the stillness. My heart, of course, is anything but still: we put an offer in on a house yesterday.

Monday, June 17

a lotta babies

Last week, I had the joy of photographing the "Camp Eagle Baby Boom" kiddos. Including Gwendolyn, there have been eight babies born to 5 families in the last 2.5 years. On average, we usually have three women pregnant at the same time. (Currently there is no one, but I'm sure someone will catch whatever is in the water here soon.)

What a beautiful picture of God's miraculous grace to us. All of these babies are healthy. All of these babies are in a family that loves them and cares for their every need. Do you know how uncommon that is in this world? I'm so grateful to be a part of a christian community that truly sees that children are a blessing and heritage from the Lord!