Sunday, November 20

a little fruit

Dear Gwenny,

I think I've decided that it's easier to write to you than to write out my own thoughts these days. Most of the time, random gibberish and unimportant details of the day make their way into my personal journal... maybe with you, I try to actually consolidate my thoughts into something cohesive and semi-important.... maybe. :)

Tuesday, November 8


Twenty-eight. That's how old I will be as of tomorrow morning. After Gwendolyn went to Jesus, I decided to take a break from all holidays for a year - I ignored my birthday last year, pretty much failed at Christmas, Valentine's Day, and every friend's birthday that has passed. So now that I'm back into a season that allows for special days of the year, I feel out of practice. Or maybe it's that I'm getting old - birthdays lose their "funness".

Monday, November 7

just a thought.

So, confession: I'm a movie cryer.

I'm also a TV show cryer. Last night I cried during a (ridiculous ending) to Bones--- a TV show about forensic anthropology and solving murders. Tonight I cried because of a sad relationship breakup in Pan Am. Most of the time I keep thinking how ridiculous it is that I'm crying, when there are much more important things in the world to absorb your emotions.