Friday, February 14

keep on

Things I want to do with my life:

Well the fun list is long... things like go to cooking school and spend a summer traveling Europe and become a Master Gardner and become creative enough that I don't need Pinterest... those are on the "fun" list (or I should say, "the list that sounds fun but isn't super important, even though they're not bad things.")

But really what I want to spend my life doing is what is pictured below: opening God's word and speaking to women about trusting Him. Thank you to my friend Sara for capturing this desire on film --- it's a perfect reminder for me to continue to press on, even when my old American dream comes creeping in.

Monday, February 10

2014 Retreat

I think that I am out of words.

At least I'm out of any words that are cohesive, informative, and profound. So instead you'll get my stream of consciousness blog as I attempt to sort out the details of the past four days of the Hope Mommies 2014 Retreat.