Saturday, January 12

Happy New Year! (+12)

2012 wrapped itself up in a whirlwind of activity. We had four Christmases, traveled by car, plane and train, dodged the flu only to catch it a few weeks later, enjoyed a heavy snow in Wisconsin by sledding (for the first time for me!), toured the Perot Museum, had 13 summer staff over for a sleepover for New Year's Eve, enjoyed a week of Schmidts, officiated and coordinated a wedding, and then... ahhh. Relaxation!

This week has been a return to normal. Cai is adjusting to the quiet, though he's making quite a racket of his own. In the few weeks we were gone, he crossed some milestones: 3rd tooth, crawling, pulling up on furniture, beginning to eat solid foods, throw legit tantrums, and say "mama" and "da da da" like he knows who he's talking about. He is a constant source of joy for us. Being his mom is also incredibly humbling, as I really (and who really does?) have no idea how to best shepherd his heart. I am so thankful that the Lord is faithful to care for Cai beyond my limitations, and He also cares for me and promises me wisdom and discernment for the "I have no idea what to do!" moments that come too frequently.

I've actually been really enjoying this new year. I am not normally this pumped about a new calendar year, but I have high hopes and expectations. I had decided back in the fall that I wanted to be very intentional and measurable with 2013. So far, my only two MAIN goals are to grow in my prayer life with the Lord, and to complete my 2013 reading list. I also have a variety of sub-goals (like gardening, blogging more often, delegating Hope Mommies responsibilities and growing our ministry, becoming a better photographer and starting a side business, buying in bulk, eating real/traditional food, making sourdough bread, simplify and de-clutter my house, opening an Etsy shop with my graphic design and crochet things... those are just a few off the top of my head.)

This week I feel like my brain is in "butterfly" mode: flitting from here to there, and getting a better scope on my heart, my household, and my ministry. So here's snippets of thoughts/updates from all my butterfly landings:

I CANNOT seem to make sourdough bread. My starter works, my dough rises beautifully, and then my loaf crashes. Conclusion? If nothing else, it's an opportunity to grow in patience.

The Hope Mommies 2013 retreat is in three weekends. We have 34 moms coming, and I am so humbled and awed that they would come (some of them from Washington state, New Jersey, Missouri and Arkansas) to spend a weekend working through one of the greatest heartaches of their life. I have a lot to do between now and then. (and then panic strikes...)

I still have Christmas decorations up.

I bought a 50mm lens for my Nikon; can't wait for it to come in and practice on the new baby here at camp! (and Cai of course. He's just not as still as Zella will be.)

Prayer is, for me, such a difficult subject of the christian walk. That's why I want to spend this year reading books, studying the Word, and actually praying about prayer. Right now I'm in D.L. Moody's book, Prevailing Prayer, and it's challenging. Here's a quote from his chapter on confession: "There is a difference between God searching me and my searching myself. I may search my heart, and pronounce it all right, but when God searches me as with a lighted candle, a good many things will come to light that perhaps I know nothing about."

And now my son is awake from his nap, our garden preparations need to be done before the day light is gone, and I have some chores to finish. So here's a few photos: