Monday, May 21

little things

I'm finding great joy and accomplishment in the little things. Well, now most of my life is full of "little" things - from where I sit I can see a little pair of boy shorts, baby scissors for cutting nails, a little monster backpack, a little rocking chair, and diaper rags strewn about. But now my highlights for the day are "little" in comparison to ... well, everyone else's. :) But I think that's how this phase is supposed to be.

Friday, May 4

being full

I've been wanting to blog, or journal, or write SOMETHING, anything to just get my sporadic thoughts into the open so I can evaluate and measure the quality of my life. But, "sporadic" is an apt word for my internal churnings these days.

I feel off balanced, but in the best way. I am out of any type of normal routine, but joyfully so. It really feels wrong to be this happy. I think the frantic worry phase of the first week with Malacai has worn off, and the fact that I think he's here to stay is sinking in.