Tuesday, January 25

warning: i'm in a weird mood.

i'm the worst citizen in America. i didn't even realize there was a State of the Union address tonight. i treat my civil liberties nonchalantly, as if it were no big thing to have the freedom that i have. ugh. sometimes my ignorance and selfishness really irritates me.

my sweet friend danielle came to visit me for a few days. blair has been gone on a recruiting trip since sunday, so she came down to keep me company and help me with my back room. we packed up some of gwendolyn's things.

and yeah, i don't want to talk about that right now.

so, moving on...

(i've sat here for 5 minutes, thinking what topic i should "move on" to... and realizing there's not one, really. geez.)

M (danielle) and i went to Fredericksburg today. and for all of you christians in this middle of nowhere vicinity, you should know that there's a christian bookstore in Fredericksburg. smallish, but good selection of books and authors.

hmmm.... i feel that i have nothing important or impactful or helpful or informative to say.  (i did just learn that spell check doesn't recognize impactful as a word. is it not a word?)

so i'm going to bed now.



  1. Erin, this made me laugh a little because I felt like I was inside of my own head reading this. Love you girl!

  2. i like you. some days it's nice not to have so much to write.

  3. haha, i learned from debbie this summer that impactful is not a word, even though all us counselors use it all the time! she informed me that "impacting" is the correct word to use:) love you lots!!!

  4. I'm glad Danielle got to come and spend time with you. I'm missing you and Blair a lot.