Thursday, January 27

death and taxes

i was going to have a productive day today... i was.

blair and i had a good morning together. we both had tea and quiet times. i was going to file our tax return, work on our personal budget, clean, go for a run, spend a few hours on retail, make something for dinner.

and so i started with our tax refund, since that usually doesn't take that long. and did you know that you can claim a deceased dependent? you can. i suppose i'd rather have our government acknowledge Gwen, as opposed to glossing over her life as if it didn't happen, but still. i'm not supposed to have to wonder how to do this. or how to get her SSN, since she wasn't issued one. and how to file for her since i don't have her SSN or birth certificate. so after calling H&R Block and crying, i decided i'll let them do all the work and hopefully they can figure it all out, using just her death certificate.

as a side note, i could've gotten her birth certificate, but when i called about it the young woman on the other line quietly informed me that it would have a giant red "DECEASED" stamp on it. so i declined. seriously though, is that necessary!? as if i didn't know. ridiculous policy.

okay. breathe. the day can be redeemed.

mmm, maybe.


  1. miss you erin. i'm still here even though i realized i haven't commented in awhile.

  2. Oh, Erin I can so relate. In fact we just got Adelyn's birth certificate Tuesday with the big deceased stamp on it, but no one told us it would come that way. I was ticked. I don't know if you need a social security number for taxes but we don't have one either. I was glad we could claim her for the same reason - the government acknowledged her existence.

  3. Praying for you. Glad Blair is home.

  4. Glad you and Blair are together again too. Having time together in the morning IS a productive day!
    Love you,