Tuesday, January 4

aidah faith

i just uploaded photos of our trip to facebook, and i was reviewing the album of Aidah, my week old niece. i stopped short when i saw this photo:

this is exactly what i want. these are my nieces of course, and i love them to smithereens. but this is what i want, for me and for blair. i want children. and hopefully one day, i'll have children here on earth, and their big sister gwendolyn will be peeking over our Father's shoulder, looking at her brother or sister. 


  1. I saw those pictures and knew it must have been hard for you. Thinking about you and praying you have blessed with more kids than you can count on Earth. :)

  2. You commented at Kirt and Laurie's house how everything "mother" about you was slipping away since you are no longer pregnant and cannot hold, nurse, or take care of Gwen.
    But what is truly "mother" about you is your heart. Erin, you have the heart of a mother and that will never change even though Gwen is not with you on this earth...a heart that desires to nurture, protect, play, love, and teach.
    You are a beautiful mother.

  3. Oh, praying that He will soon grant that sweet, sweet desire of your heart, Sister.

  4. I actually had the same image as you. A big sister Gwen peeking over her parents shoulders. It will happen soon.