Friday, May 20

a snapshot

so i'm taking five minutes to update you on the last five days of staff training:

1. We have 16 staff - 7 girls, 9 boys. that is SOOOOOO many! at least, it seems like it is. But that barely covers the quantity of campers that will be here each week of summer. I like them all. They're quirky, talkative, quick to do things and with a good attitude. (ps. i originally posted "7 girls, 8 boys" and then realized that my math is wrong and i forgot a boy. we have nine...whoops!)

2. I'm working. Well, I'm volunteering to be more exact. 16 hour days, for the last 5 days.... mostly painting, meals, emails, and more painting. I will post pictures of the giant book and library we're creating. A past counselor, Kenedi, came in to save the day by helping to design a "set" for the stage. Our theme this summer is STORY, and she made a giant Storybook and I'm going to paint a library scene. hopefully.

3. I'm worn out today. I feel like I should be pregnant - I'm re-living the craziness of summer, but without a big belly and my opinionated Gwendolyn kicking me all the time. My cup may be overflowing, but it's a much smaller cup than it used to be (or so it seems). I get tired more easily, but feel like I should be pressing on. It's hard to validate resting without a baby.

4. I have had no time this week or last to work on Hope Mommies. This distresses me, and makes me anxious. So if I owe you an email, a receipt, or a follow up or anything, I'm sorry!

5. I eat too much chocolate when I'm stressed.

6. I constantly feel like something is missing. Like i'm off kilter somehow, but still trying to function with a gimp appendage. It's a weird thing, grief.

7. I'm so behind on my house. I have loads of laundry waiting, camp supplies scattered across the living room floor, and my dishwasher was emitting a terrible odor because I had stacked in dirty dishes but hadn't started it for a week. Welcome to the summer life...

8. We tie-dyed our staff shirts. Mine is blue - i like it.

9. I feel like I will never see Blair this summer. It's a challenging thing, and probably a good exercise for our marriage. We see each other for maybe 2 cumulative hours each day? It helps us to communicate in other ways (emails, notes, etc.) and helps me to value the few minutes here and there that I do get with him. He's a really amazing camp director, and I enjoy seeing his gifts light up during these 13 weeks.

10.  .... I like even numbers. I need a 10th thing to tell you about... oh! I got one. The Lord really blessed me with Kenedi this week. Even though we were working and painting like crazy women, we laughed so much. I needed that.

okay. now it's off to construct a giant magnifying glass, and/or a giant gramophone, and/or paint book bindings, and/or work on the staff lounge, and/or do laundry. maybe.


  1. I can't believe how many staff you have...!!!!!! I mean, that's more than DOUBLE your staff from last summer!

    Also, I wish I could just come out and spend some time out there, cleaning your house and doing your laundry for you. Love you, friend.

  2. I knew you were busy, but WOW! I love and miss both of you.
    by the way...8 + 7 = 15...does Blair count to make it 16? (don't tell anyone you were home-
    schooled) HA!

    I love you,


  3. I think grief is exhausting...more exhausting than being pregnant. But you are right, it is hard to jusitfy why you feel like the wind is out of your sails all the time.