Saturday, March 5

Nueces Trail Run

well i raced a 10k trail run this morning! and you know what? i actually enjoyed it. i know. ME! i hate running! (and i still hold to that.) but somehow the trail run... or maybe it was the racing part? was enjoyable. Blair got first place overall! and I got 5th place in the women's category, out of 27 women. so i'm good with that. :) perhaps now the 1/2 marathon won't be too daunting??

Surprisingly, around the 4th mile i had this song spring in my head, replaying over and over while running. i'm pretty sure it was buried deep somewhere in my psyche, since it definitely isn't part of my normal repertoire. :) enjoy!


  1. You're my hero! Awesome! Doing my first 10K in April, so now I have hope that I can do it. :)

  2. that is amazing! i hope it gives you great satisfaction to know that you are in better shape than i am, and that you'd totally kick my butt in a race - not that you and i are so immature as to care about such things ;)