Tuesday, February 8

yes, i know this is my 4th post in one day

it's taken me a long time to change my facebook picture. maybe such a small thing shouldn't have held so much meaning, but it has. since gwendolyn died almost 4 months ago, i haven't wanted to change my photos from any of hers... i was afraid of looking "fine". I knew the picture would have to be something really fantastic to make me feel like it was okay to take gwenny's down. 

this is my photo now. because this still holds the reminder of my gwendolyn, but even more, it is an ongoing proclamation of what her life is accomplishing. These are Hope Mommies. 


  1. This is beautiful. I am so thankful for your weekend with these women Erin. I pray that you are continually encouraging to each other as you walk together through this journey you all have in common.
    Praying for you friend...

  2. You seem to write exactly what so many of us feel. What precious women these are.

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  4. I have I told you lately I am so thankful Erin, I am so THANKFUL you ARE Gwendolyn's mommy. I am so moved and my heart is so full of praise as I read the blogs and comments from you and your friends! Father God never ceases to amaze me! May God continue to bless each and everyone of you ladies!