Saturday, February 19

to MJ, BG, LJ, AF; F T

so the problem is that my brain doesn't wind down until 11:30 or so at night. that's when i can finally consolidate all my millions of thoughts into a blog post. the downside of this is that i don't get to sleep before midnight very often... at least not on my own. blair goes to bed early these days, so i usually go to bed with him, and lay awake for a couple hours. but since we're in different cities this week, i've had no one to remind me to get my butt in bed and off the computer. (miss you, handsome.)

i spent time with my nieces today. they are hilarious. we painted toes and fingers, and spent about a half hour playing with the photobooth application on my macbook. i don't have much to say, except that i've noticed a trend: good days follow hard ones, if i let them.

merit on the left, working the comic book effect
(correction, that would be the right... i only realized this after autumn told me i was wrong... geez. that whole left/right thing is a real challenge.)

blonde brynn takes the spotlight

funny faces are obviously so much more fun than smiley ones

went for a rollercoaster ride

blurry, but i got all THREE to smile. and look in the general direction of the camera. yes, be impressed.

leila was completely creeped out by this, but the other girls thought it was hilarious.

i'm thankful for my four beautiful nieces. they delight my heart.

ps. if you're wondering about my blog title, it translates: "to merit jane, brynn grace, leila joy, aidah faith. from tante." (tante would be me. and all the initials are how the girls address and sign their letters. UH-dorable.)


  1. Leila does look creepy! but she has beautiful fingernails!
    Her head reminds me of those "stress relief dolls" that you squeeze and the head gets all distorted...

  2. Cute girls just run in the family!

  3. Happy or sad, your posts always make me cry. Why is that? You must be as amazing of an aunt as you are a mom. Sending you hugs.

  4. what a cute bunch of girls. this made me laugh. esp. mr. tom's comment about the stress relief dolls. i laugh every time i think of it in light of leila's head :D