Tuesday, February 8

post script

the enemy's attempts at destroying this weekend were so evident to me.

first, the weather. how often does Texas have freezing "arctic blasts" in a winter??? not very often, let me tell you. The weather changed whitney's flight, and almost prohibited chelsea from coming from dallas.

 --- one good thing about the cold weather is that it hopefully prohibited trafficking and prostitution from coming to dallas for the super bowl! praise the Lord.

second, envy was high on my personal list of attacks this weekend. i was surrounded by beautiful, fashionable women! and i live at a camp, in t-shirts and jeans and no make up! "auggghhh!" my materialistic side wailed. the Lord reminded me ceaselessly this weekend not to take stock in my personal appearance, to be myself, and to know that that is enough. I am loved.


  1. You are BEAUTIFUL inside AND out! Don't for a second ever think otherwise!

  2. Well, I don't live on a camp and I wear t-shirt and jean skirt every day with no makeup. What's my excuse? Blah!

  3. I felt the same way! Everyone (especially you) was so pretty and well dressed! Sunday I gave up and thus explains the jeans and sweatshirt! I just wanted to BREATHE!! :). You are extremely photogenic, your pictures were awesome!

  4. Um seriously, you are gorgeous and made me attacked with envy. ;) So there.
    I am glad the enemy lost the battle!