Friday, December 31


somebody please remind me to never take a three week trip again. especially not at christmas time. especially not when my daughter just died.

i'm sitting at the schmidt's house, watching the snow melt from the roof and listening to the guys debate over whether or not true love exists, and if we as humans can truly love another since only perfect love is in Christ.

i've started about three different posts on this trip, and haven't finished them. i feel pretty lost, pretty done, and VERY ready to go home. home to my life, to where i am a wife and a 27 year old woman, where my daughter fits into the context of my surroundings. where i have a daughter...

so this is a nothing post. but i am still alive up here. just so you all know.


  1. Was wonderin how you were doing. Your posts on FB were positive but was wondering how your heart was doin. Praying for you and Blair.

  2. Oh Erin...I did the same thing just two weeks after I lost Tatum. I thought it would do me good to get out of the house and be around people who didn't know and I wouldn't have to tell...who nows maybe it was better than the alternative, but it was tough. continuing to pray for your comfort and a blessed 2011. can't wait to meet you next month.

  3. You know I love you.
    Gwenny is alive and beautiful...and I love hearing about her every day!