Wednesday, October 3

So long September?

Well I don't know how it happened, but I entirely lost the month of September. It some how was swallowed up by trips, and visits, and sunday schools starting, and flat tires. (I think; I mean, it was swallowed so I can only surmise.) But somehow it's October...

 October officially means "fall" to me. I have bought my Bath and Body Works wallflowers ("Leaves" and "Autumn" are the best scents), I'm squeezing in time to re-read Harry Potter, and I've decided that I need to salvage projects and create! (read: "My backyard is currently littered with half painted wooden chairs, a cold frame box that needs work, spray paint cans and screw guns.) I feel like I'm nesting, though I'm no longer pregnant. Maybe that's a phantom memory that October will always usher in?

 Malacai is growing like a weed... in a round, chunky sort of way. :) He's a constant source of happiness, and I love watching him learn. His personality is shining through, and I'm learning that he's social, curious, loves quality time, dislikes being touched while sleeping, easily irritated while playing, and loves the outdoors.

 Blair is staying busy with his camp work/sunday school teaching/walkabout teaching/preacher's college/mentoring. I stay busy keeping up with his busyness.

 I'm a bit teary tonight, to be honest. One of the girls here at camp just had an aunt that went to Jesus today. As she was telling us about it, I couldn't help but remember how deeply painful those first few days, weeks, and months are after Gwenny. And while it's so joyful for this aunt to be in the presence of Christ at this moment (who knows, maybe Gwendolyn was part of her welcoming committee?) I am so burdened for the husband, children, parents and family that are missing her. 

No profound thoughts tonight... just checking in. I'm hoping I'll be able to find time this month for more blogging!

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  1. Hi there. Enjoyed your "popping in." Will come back again....