Friday, August 24

Happy Birthday Reese!

Today Reese Aleyna turns two in Heaven. She is the precious daughter of my friend Mary Beth, and I wanted to create a small something to honor her and the growth that her parents have undergone in the last two years. 

I was almost finished with this print when I received an email from MB, telling me how her eldest daughter Riley wanted to send Reese a birthday cake via pink and purple balloons. It was a little bit of God's irony in my day; I hadn't decided what "gift" the balloons would be tied to, and then little Riley filled in the blank.

Happy birthday, sweet Reese! We look forward to the day that we see you!  

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  1. E - love it. Happy Birthday, Reese! MB - 2! Love & prayers for your family today...we love you all! Reese - we indeed look forward to the day we see you.