Friday, April 27


Well, this whole thing just seems crazy.

And by "this whole thing", I mean the fact that I now have a baby boy, a son, sleeping just an arms length away from me. You know that verse that says, "Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a desire fulfilled is a tree of life."? (Proverbs 13:12) I feel like this little tree seedling is such a tender, precarious thing... I'm almost afraid of enjoying it too much!

If you weren't aware yet, Blair and I had a baby boy on April 20, 2012. He weighed 9 pounds, 8 ounces and was 20 inches long! (Hey, we grow 'em big.) We decided to name him Malacai LeRoy. Malacai means "my messenger", and LeRoy, a Cushman family name, means "of the King." Our heartfelt prayer is that Malacai will grow up to be a strong, compassionate, and bold messenger for our great King and Savior, Jesus. 

This week with Malacai has been so precious! He is a very sweet baby with a loud voice! But he quiets down once you fix whatever was bothering him. Blair and I are adjusting to a new schedule, and it has been wonderful to have my mom here to help. 

Thank you to everyone who has prayed for him. The day he was born, I told Blair, "I don't feel like he is just our baby. He's everyone's baby, because everyone has prayed and hoped for him to arrive." We are so thankful for how you have been an invaluable part of our family's life through your prayers. 

Soli deo gloria! 


  1. Oh Erin! I literally sobbed with joy when I read this! I am so happy for you! What an amazing God we have. Enjoy every moment, they go so fast. He is just perfect, and I can see Gwendolyn shining through him. Congrats!

  2. Well, your family's story is keeping Kleenex in business on so many levels. This, the pregnancy, and now the birth and homecoming of Malachi has been just a joy to be part of. I rejoice with you. Malachai....messenger of the King...even now. He brought so many things from the King...comfort, joy and delight all in a 9 pound 8 ounce package. Thanks for sharing your journey with us. God has blessed us all as we have watched Him care and tend you and Blair....Happy first week of life with Malachai!!!

  3. Erin I'm sooooo happy for you two! He's beautiful!!!

  4. Just found your blog a month ago and have so been anticipating this post. Just beautiful thank you!

  5. I does sweet, LITTLE you have such huge, squishy, beautiful babies? He is precious- congratulations. I know your heart is full!

  6. I found your blog through Hope Mommies after I received a Mother's Day card in the mail from y'all this year. I lost my son Graham in February after 4 hours of life, but this post stuck out to me because my first son, Parker, was the same exact size as your Malacai. Fun! And, you have a great name! Looking forward to following your blog now.