Thursday, April 19

the day before you were born

Dear Baby,

It's Thursday, April 19, 2012. And very early tomorrow morning, you will make your entrance into the world.

My heart is so full, baby. My heart is full, my soul at peace, and my hope secured to the One who knows your name (though I do not!). He alone knows every one of your days, before they will come to be (Psalm 139). He alone knows the plans He has for you; He alone knows the impact your life will make.

This is what I know:

I know you are "my prayed for" baby. Your sister was prayed for too, of course, but I know that there are untold numbers of believers who have petitioned the Lord on our behalf. His answer to their prayers came in a variety of ways... through the hugs, tears, and encouragements of hundreds... and now, through your tiny little body that is currently moving underneath my skin. I smile when I think of the impact those prayers will have on your whole life.

You are a consistent reminder of my "undeservedness" of God's grace. May I never believe that I am entitled --- to anything. God did not owe me another baby; but He has blessed me with one anyway. I am deeply honored to be your mom.

You will change my life. Your dad and I have both already remarked, "We don't know everything that will happen on Friday... but we know two things: God will be glorified, and our lives will be changed."

I'm excited to meet you. :) I love you infinitely,



  1. Oh, well, you should have posted a Kleenex alert with that one! I was coming to peek to see if you mentioned "when" Baby Monster would make his/her appearance. I am glad to at least know, "early." I have been praying for you all day today, along with a host of others I am sure. It is such a joy to read my prayers answered in your post. The peace you have and the trust that He has given you in Him. Looking forward to the news tomorrow about Baby Cushman. You picked such a lovely name for Gwendolyn, I am excited to hear the name for this little person. ♥

  2. Oh Erin,

    I am so very excited for yall. I have wondered how you were doing and saw your blog post come on my news feed as I was fixing to head to bed.

    I know I do not truly know you "well" and have only met you through our unfortunate yet blessed connection through being Hope Mommies, but I have thought a lot about you. I remember at the retreat thinking how wonderful it was going to be to watch you (via facebook and your blog) be a mother for a second time. From everything I have seen of you, "MOM" describes you so well. Sweet Gwendolyn is a lucky little lady to have such a God-fearing woman as her momma, and this precious little blessing to be born tomorrow is just as lucky.

    I can not wait to read the words on your blog after he/she is here; like I did when I read Grey was born, I'm sure there will be tears of joy tomorrow for you as well. Can not wait to hear your prayers are answered and your precious baby is here.

    Kim Watson

    PS. I am not sure if you remember me telling you or not, but I had 4 c-sections in 5 years, and I just wanted to tell you, they all get easier, and I think you are going to do GREAT!! ;)

  3. this is precious. i can't wait to "meet" this little person under your skin through the internet. wish i could hug you both but Thank God for the glimpse i do get. you are in my heart and prayers today.