Monday, November 7

just a thought.

So, confession: I'm a movie cryer.

I'm also a TV show cryer. Last night I cried during a (ridiculous ending) to Bones--- a TV show about forensic anthropology and solving murders. Tonight I cried because of a sad relationship breakup in Pan Am. Most of the time I keep thinking how ridiculous it is that I'm crying, when there are much more important things in the world to absorb your emotions.

But here's my theory: it's not the facts get you, but the stories. Watching 9/11, Katrina, tsunamis... other major world disasters, and I am shocked, horrified... but quite honestly, it's too big of a picture to try and absorb. But when I hear of one story, one family, one child that is now orphaned... then my small little self can enter into their grief and feel the weight of their sadness.

In relation to my own life, I would say this is still true. I can remember the facts of Gwen's death, my brother's death, etc. Those are easily accessible to my brain, and pop in and out during random parts of the day. And it feels really wrong that I'm not still crying over my kitchen sink when I remember. But if I  picture the story-- the pain, the fear, the reality, the kindness of strangers -- then I cry. Does that make sense?

Anyways. Just a thought I had as I sniffled my way through the ending of my new show. I should remember this more often, especially when I am listening to one of my friends relate something incredibly difficult. If I can spend 10 minutes to envision how it feels to find out your mother has breast cancer, or your nephew is not expected to live... I think I'll be just a little bit closer to Christ, who "carried our sorrows" in a very literal, emotional way.


  1. You are not alone. I cry at EVERYTHING. Just ask my husband. ;) Hope you're doing well! I miss talking to you. Do you have a phone yet?

  2. Great thoughts Erin, thanks for sharing.