Wednesday, July 13

Elijah days

Have I talked with you about Elijah days? I honesty can't remember. I know that some of my journey is cyclical, and God keeps unwrapping the onion as I go deeper and deeper into hurdles, heartaches, and His character.

(This might be a senseless post; i'm okay with that.)

Today is an Elijah Day. And if you haven't recently read Elijah, God and the Broom Tree chapter, you should. But some days, I've just had enough and I don't have it in me to keep going and I don't even want to ask God to fill me, because I know that He will and then I'll have to keep going. (How's that for self-pity?)

Well. Yes. I am selfish and self-pitying and tired. Maybe I'm mostly tired. I don't know.

But today I appreciate that God responded to Elijah with sleep and food, and sleep and food again. So that's my plan for today: Sleep, and food. and maybe tomorrow I will journey on.

(and this will probably be a post that I will later be embarrassed of; oh well. cheers for authenticity!)


  1. ain't nothing wrong with sleep and food. no shame there.